Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Film Experience of The Occult Hipster: A Pretentious Title.

These are awesome. Watch them. That's all.

First up is Hesher. This is the feel-good-reminds me of Loki movie.  Especially the snake and mouse story after about the 7 or 8 minute mark.
Hesher clip
Hesher IMDB

 The Holy Mountain. This is my absolute favorite movie. Ever. I watch it semi-weekly. It is, to me, quite similar to a tarot deck, in that each scene is so ripe with symbolism that you can interpret it differently each time you view it. This is worthy of the term "mind-blowing".
The Holy Mountain "Psychedelic Shotgun" Scene
Holy Mountain "Tarot Will Teach You...." 
The Holy Mountain IMDB

Next, The Ruling Class. This is just....absurd. And awesome.  Hard to describe without giving away too much. Just rest assured this is hilarious!
Scene From The Ruling Class
The Ruling Class IMDB

Bedazzled 1967 version. This movie is full of great wit. Classic "sell your soul to the devil to get ____" story, but told with style and a blasphemous sense of humor. The Devil makes this movie. Keeps your attention all the way through, great pacing of the laughs. 
Bedazzled "never believe a liar"
great song from the movie
I Love Lucifer
Bedazzled (1967) IMDB