Tuesday, May 22, 2012

You don't have to own the pain
You don't have to live this life in shame
You don't have to mend your heart
You never really broke it, you just took it apart.
You don't have to say my name
You don't have to tell anyone I came
But, you really shouldn't  dim your light
It's your only weapon in this war that you fight,
Inside your head.
 Well, I can make you golden
As the world turns slowly
to lead.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Somewhere in the Interwebs:

CaviezelBride: OMG ya'all. I went to Passion of the Christ yesterday! IT WAS AWESOME. I could really feel the spirit of my Liege and Savior there. THEY WERE SO ACCURATE. I <3 Jim Caviezel. Mmmm...what a hottie!

JesusHChrist4Life: Just glued a picture of Him (Jim) on the face of my crucifix. NOW it REALLY looks just like Jesus!!!!! Yay!!!!

(Is this terrifying you yet?)

What if the god in question was a god you actually liked? And what if the movie in question wasn't a Christian snuff film, but instead a hugely popular comic franchise? I "marvel" at the newest trends in paganism these days.

Remember that bumper sticker "Dear God, save me from your followers." ? I can relate. >_< This post would be a lot more ranting, but I'm feeling nice and will leave it at that.