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"Showtime": Loki Movie Post

A friend on FB was looking for some movie characters that can be related to Loki.......

This of course, fills my blackened little heart with JOY, as I sort of have a thing for analyzing movies as though they were modern myths. That of course, leads to a lot of "Hey, that reminds me of Loki" moments. I tried to pick movies that are actually well made, engaging films. I get a somewhat "darker" Loki compared to what you will find out there in interweb world. Not to say there aren't moments of levity and humor and wit and all that. There's plenty of that.

In any of these, I'm not saying "This is Loki". But rather "bits of this and that bring Loki to mind for me". I haven't related it back to any specific myth and it's obviously highly UPG oriented. I'm not sure how one could undertake this task without it becoming colored by UPG and personal taste. I sometimes feel at a loss for words when trying to talk about Loki things, so I have included Youtube clips to give you an idea of what I mean. Hopefully it helps. As often as possible, I have provided links to places where one can watch the movie in question. Enjoy!

For starters, Bedazzled, the 1967 version. Peter Cook as Lucifer. The sense of humor is what does it for me. What says "hey, reminds me of Loki". Especially as someone who frequently suffers from suicidal thoughts and depression, this is very much reminiscent of him for me. Minus the million pounds. This is the ONLY clip you can find on Youtube from this film SO PLEASE GO WATCH IT ok?  This film is just brilliantly funny, yet hits some great philosophical points as well. I cannot recommend it enough.
Example from Youtube:1967 Bedazzled Suicide Scene

One of my absolute favorite movies is Harlequin (1980). You can see the trailer HERE. I don't want to describe it too much due to spoilers, but there is a definite "dark trickster magician" thing going on that reminds me of Loki in many ways.  You can watch the movie on Youtube Harlequin (dark forces) on Youtube . It's also on Harlequin(Dark Forces) Netflix DVD.

Onto something more modern. Have you ever imagined a redneck/metal Loki? Me neither. Til I saw this movie. Which is basically what this seems like to me. The way Hesher helps and interacts with the child who's suffering, and the kindness with which he treats the grandma......and the overall message of Hesher's character seem very Loki to me. Again, this is a great film. Highly recommended for fans of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
Youtube ( my favorite part of the film starts at the 5 min mark in this scene. Great story, very Loki to me) : Snake and Mouse Story (Hesher)

Ok kiddos. Let's all put on our grown up pants because this....this is the Uncomfortable Movie. I'll start off by saying this has just about every single one of my triggers  in it, and the first time I watched it I had a 3 day existential meltdown about my childhood. This involves child abuse, sexual abuse, closets, mental will wonder if you are watching a domination/submission porn without nudity. What does this have to do with Loki? Crawl inside my head for a second. Imagine healing from massive childhood trauma, but your adult life is so fucked up you spend most of your time in some semi-astral trance state because it's easier and safer than being present. During that time, Loki decides to do construction on your mind. And for about 2 or 3 years, your "godphone" (beginning to HATE that word btw) experiences bear more resemblance to a CIA interrogation/mind control experiment than anything I've read from most other Loki experiences. But it helped. It was for my own good. This movie feels like that.
SPOILER WARNING! This woman is not sure of what reality is in this movie, and I wasn't too sure of it then. (or now, for that matter. is anyone, really?). Learning the difference between your "crazy" and the Divine (however you experience it) is a long and hard process sometimes. Especially when you're having to learn  the art of discernment while still entangled in an ongoing series of abusive situations. In fact, the better I got at telling the two apart, the less and less of those situation popped up,  until I actually got a happy life. I started making better choices.  I'm not always happy (who is? who wants to be?), but I am happy with the life that I have, despite my lingering crazy-ness and "issues". In the end, the woman refuses to admit to what she knows to be a lie, and the movie ends with her going into a bright light. Enlightenment? Truth seeking? I think there is more to this movie than meets the eye and that it's very metaphorical and symbolic. Imagine that it's happening on the astral plane and maybe you'll sort of get why it feels Loki-ish to me.....or at least like what my experience was like during that time.

NOW THAT THE INCREDIBLY LONG PREFACE IS DONE and I have rambled at you sufficiently.....(FYI the whole film is on Youtube)

Youtube (go to the 5min mark til 6 min. This reminds me a quite a bit of things Loki has said to me. minus the lawyer part. Found this on VHS on a random Goodwill excursion and picked it up cause I love Alan Rickman and "conspiracy" movies. When I saw that part, I got chills.)
Seekers of Truth scene

Gotta follow that with something much, much more lighthearted. Lord Rochester as portrayed in movies, often reminds me of the happy shiny pansexual joker side of Loki.  For me, that side always comes in Rococo/Regency attire, so that's obviously tainted by my head, lol. Very upper class.
( I might add, that for me, Loki may wear that as a costume, but the interactions are usually deep, soul wrenching stuff)
Two good examples of this aspect, in the character of Lord Rochester, would be Alan Cumming in Plunkett and Macleane for "costume" (again, this is SO TAINTED by my personal tastes it's not funny, but look at it for  THE PRETTY. ( My Rococo Loki Story ). And for a sexier  aspect, Johnny Depp does a fine job of it HERE.

And while we're mentioning Alan Cumming, if for some reason you are ever forced to watch Spy Kids, you can delight in things like THIS SONG that are rather "Silly Loki". And if you, for whatever reason, become tempted to catch Alan Cumming in the Son of the Mask....there is no need to. Just watch This Music Video instead. All of the "Loki-ish" facial expressions, none of the shitty movie.

Another comedy is the movie Klown.  The way this is shot and the structure of the story feels very "norse myth" to me. Since it's Danish, I guess that's close enough. This feels very "Thor and Loki go adventuring in Jotunheim" to me. Sure, in the movie, they MIGHT call it "Tour de Pussy" but you get my drift. There is one scene especially in the pancake house that reminds me of Loki stopping in for....let's call it a bit of "Jotun Hospitality". The "Loki" character is Casper.
Youtube trailer: Klown Trailer
NSFW Youtube scene (mostly because OMG is she cute): Le Boobs
Netflix Instant Link: Watch It Here

Back to something slightly darker, and another "adventure in VHS". The movie "Brainscan". It came to me in a big box of tapes I borrowed from a right wing gun nut. Amongst a sea of crappy action films, this one stood out. First off, the character is straight up called Trickster. And that's basically what happens. A boy gets completely mindfucked by a reality simulation game, complete with it's own Trickster. Teen horror-comedy. Not so much a characterization of Loki really, but just a movie involving a Trickster that I'm pretty sure Lokeans would get a kick out of.
Youtube clip:Brainscan Trickster
Netflix DVD page:

And to top it off, a couple of occult oriented movies that I think Loki's folks will enjoy.

For example. There is a reason I always push The Holy Mountain so hard. It is ripe with occult symbolism and it's sort of a trip of a movie. I don't have the right words to describe it, but the first time I saw this film, I felt a sort of mental and emotional "click", like my awareness was opened up. Probably just me, but it seems like the sort of thing Loki would be into if for some reason Loki took up a hobby of watching surrealist art films.  You can watch the full movie on Youtube Here. Or find it On Netflix DVD HERE.

And the demons in "Lo" seem sort of Loki-esque in their interactions/style of communication/humor. This is a great indie comedy/romance. TrailerNetflix Instant

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